Courtney Miller
Class 4263

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Absolutely phenomenal!! Thank you for this! Great way to start the new year
Yay Yay! That’s one hellava workout! Thanks Courtney!!
I have done this one multiple times and it just gets better. More like this!
Wowzers love love love this class
Great workout, nice transitions. Thank you
love, love, love! so happy to see your classes again!
Hi Courtney and Everyone, may I just ask for your advice - I'm using a Merrithew At Home SPX reformer. I'm thinking of buying a Cardio Tramp Rebounder. Can I do on the Rebounder everything that I can do on a Jumpboard? Would appreciate any advice. Thanks so much! 
Carla  ~ You should be able to do the same exercises, although you may need to adjust your spring settings as it will feel a little different. I hope that this helps and that you enjoy this class!
Fantastic workout Courtney! 
I love that trashed but good feeling after your classes. This one showed me where I am weaker and which areas need strengthening. Burn baby burn! 
So good to feel a part of your classes way over here in Australia. 
Thank you x
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