Reformer Workout
Amy Havens
Class 298

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Hi Kerry, thanks for the feedback! I will be doing that class again soon for myself. Ah, those Christmas chocolates and holiday goodies! Happy New Year, thanks for being a part of this wonderful community!!
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Great class. Love these short workouts
Thank you Jo!!!
Love your jump board classes! Will you be adding more to "Pilates Anytime" soon?
Hi Amy! Thank you so much....and yes I should have another jumpboard class coming up soon. It has more footwork variations and some hand weights added to the workout. I have to admit, I got a little 'lost in the moment' when I filmed it so be ready for lots of repetition and me not doing to best job of counting repetitions! It should be a good one though, pretty sweaty!!
God gave me rain (no bike to beach) , so Amy gave me jump board! As always, a perfect session. Thank you
Oh Jennifer...thank you! Much appreciation to you for always posting such positive comments about your class experience. Thank you so much!
Wow this was a lot of fun! I really got my heart rate up and felt very strong! Thanks for this wonderful class :)
Hi Katie.....wonderful, fun is a good thing! Yes this short little class covered a lot and gave me a good all-over experience too. Thank you for sharing your feedback with me!
Love this class! There's just something about jumping with the physioball - challenging and super fun. Get into the rhythm, then play with how high to toss it jumping out so as to catch it on the return.
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