Activating your Abdominals
Alan Herdman
Class 2293

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just a beautiful class.....thank you....learnt so much and reaffirmed my practce.
Really nice class, thank you...
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wonderful cue
I like in shoulder bridge thinking about abdominals moving more than vertebras
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Thank you Alan this was a useful, informative, well-paced class filled with valuable content delivered progressively.
Patient, precise, sensibility. Thank you, Alan.
Great cues for my new client!
Wonderful cues, very relaxed approach. Love it! Thank you!
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Thank you Alan. A lovely class and I was particularly interested to learn of the modification to 'table top'. I also picked up a number of tips regarding a better execution of the cat stretch. It amazes me how interesting pilates moves are when they are broken down to their simplest form.
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Lovely, deep, instructive work. Thanks Alan :))
Absolutely wonderful. Clear, concise and precise. Thank you Alan.
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