Reformer Workout
John Garey
Class 2383

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Nice to see Stott equipment. Great Class. Clear cueing emphasizing how the smallest movement can make immense effects.
I just got a new Stott at Home SPX. Any chance we could get more videos on this reformer!?
Would love to see more of the Stott reformer used!
Love this class👍
I feel great!  Love the side lying arm circles. 
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This was awesome and challenging ! We need a lot more Stott Pilates please !
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Yes....more STOTT pilates please!!!
DITTO...more STOTT Pilates please!  John Garey I really appreciate your influence.  Great session.
Oh my lord how amazing this one was 🤸‍♀️I’ll be doing it all over again v soon 🙌🏻
..and he’ll yeah more Stott please 🙏
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