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Class 2385

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Were there many teasers? Yes. Please don't let that deter you from taking this class. Carrie takes good care of us and you may actually find (as I did) that her cueing along with the rests result in better performance than usual.
Is there a lot to humble you in the class. Yes that too. I'd like to know an intermediate exercise from rolling from side to front with arms and legs extended. I looked like a stranded beetle midway. lol
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Great comment, Joni! Happy Thanksgiving! Keep practicing that transition - before you know it, your stranded beetle will be long gone!
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plus one equals TWO stranded beetles!! especially after turkey and pie!
Miriam, I'm impressed you did Pilates after turkey and pie!
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Holy cow! So glad you are back Carrie. My body and I thank you. Couldn't wait for this Friday morning devoting some much needed time for "ME"! And there you were waiting for me! I absolutely love, your work, this class and teaching style! Thanks so much!
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Thank you so much, Denee! Happy Thanksgiving!
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AMAZING class!!! Thank you so much, Carrie! I LOVE teasers :)
Thank you for doing the class, Petra!
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WONDERFUL CLASS!!!!! More of this please!:)
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The transitions allow this class to flow so seamlessly. Very enjoyable and challenging! The cue'ing is so wonderful that you never question what you are supposed to be doing because it is so clear. Thank you Carrie!
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