Reformer Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 2460

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This is one of my all time favorite videos! Great cueing and challenge. The grabbing the pulley bars was crazy but I did it! Thanks for the challenge! Sweated good time!
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This was just what I needed, thank you!
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Ive watched you since you started on Pilates Anytime. You always inspire to keep learning. You are always so happy!
Love you my Canadian friend
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love her ideas-- i'm Stott trained also, so i like her cool variations. Loved the long box next to the carriage for lunges.
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I love the variety this jump board video. How you used the reformer was so innovative. Great flow, great workout!!!
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Love, love love this class! Also that top....where can I get that?
Thank you everyone! I'm so excited to film some new workouts next week!! Rita, it's from Lululemon
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This was a fantastic class. I taught most of it to my Cardio Sculpt class this week and everyone loved it. Thank you!!
Great innovation! Beautiful form & energy
Amazing!!!!!! As always Courtney Miller I love your energy and creativity. You always challenge me and I love it. Please please do more classes. ::))
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