BASI Flow™ Reformer
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3178

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Thanks everyone! I will do more BASI flow next time I teach a class on PA.
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That was great, Sarah! I'm BASI trained myself with Rael so I can appreciate all that comes with a BASI instructor.
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Short, sweet and effective! Perfect way to start or end the day!
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Really great tempo for this class. Enjoyed from start to finish. Thanks!
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This was a lovely, flowing work out. Thank you!
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Thank YOU for playing, so nice!!
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THANK YOU Sarah for this beautiful BASI repertoire..I can still feel the energy and the beautiful space of the studio at Padaro Beach from working out with you last week! What an experience!!! Your teaching skills and tactile cueing are second to was lovely meeting you all at the Pilates Anytime, see you all very soon ))
Hi Karolina! It was beautiful to meet you and Eoin! An absolute pleasure to guide you in class. Thank you so much for your kind words and for making the trip. I sure hope to see you again soon. xoS
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Love this class, thank you!
great class.  I love the little "cues" to help with form during the class.  awesome 30 minutes!!
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