Athletic Reformer Layering
Erika Quest
Class 3535

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Awesome Julie I'm so glad and lots of continued luck on your teacher training journey. PA is a great place for all of us to connect, learn and grow! Much love, Erika
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❤️❤️ this
It inspired me to also add some band and barre work in fab class!!
SWEET Felicity that's awesome. Barre work is perfectly suited for this scenario too. Much love and thanks for taking class! Erika
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Great moves, thank you!
Hey Anne ! Thanks for the comment and for taking class with me! Much love and happy new year! Erika
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So fun!
Whoooohoooo! Thanks, Emma! It truly was. AND sweaty! Much love, Erika
Another amazing class! Thank you so much for your creativity and flow 🙏🏼❤️
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another great class, thank you @erika!  those no spring pikes and knee bends were a killer.  will definitely be coming back to work on this class again. thanks again for your inspiration!
Vanisha Awesome Vanisha! Thanks so much for taking class with me and I agree with that no spring stuff for sure. I can't remember if a grunted during those, ha! Much love, Erika
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