Stretching Revisited
Robert Schleip Ph.D.
Workshop 3736

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Thank you Dr. Schleip and PilatesAnytime! One of the most clear, fun and profound explainations of fascia and stretching ! 
Thank you Dr Schleip for this workshop.  Absolutely fascinating and you have such a marvellous way of explaining difficult concepts using clever analogies.  Excellent! -  my understanding has grown hugely after listening to you.  More please and I will look out for the book.
Fascianating:) and excellent way of explaining difficult material and with humour! Hope there will soon be much more of Dr Schleip? Thank you. Ilike your book also with the excercises, I use them a lot in my strech classes. I hope there will soon be more excercises explained, analysed through fascia theory.Thank you!
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