Back Body Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 3942

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Love the work on the back body! So important for stability.
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wow wow!! Thank you Amy! I loved all the arm work on the jump board and the jumping!! It was a fabulous class and one that I will keep going back to.  Love your classes, thank you from lockdown in Melbourne Australia xoxoxo
Samantha Katherine Lauren Sara Angela THANk YOU gals so much for all your positive feedback and for taking the time to leave a message for me here!!  
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Fantastic Amy you are amazing. Boy I feel really energised by this workout and love the armwork jumping and unilateral exercises. Thank you as always :D x
Hi Christine S , thank you so much!!  
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Hi Amy - thank you! I love this class. The use of theraband, feels so good, keeping the upper back nice and wide on the mat, but really the entire class feels great. It is fun and I love the unilateral work also. It goes without saying that jumping sequences flow so nicely...
Thank you for taking class with me LISA R and happy to hear many of the concepts and sequences felt good for you!
I liked the variety in this class.  A little too slow moving for a level 2.  
Hi, Amy. I have no jump board but I worked with the footbar. Requires a little more concentration to land on it but feels great. Thank you. From now on I will not scape jump board workouts. Best
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