Playful and Creative
Gia Calhoun
Class 4329

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Really Enjoyed - class went by so quick too! feel empowered
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Warming my Friday. Thank you, Gia. Have a nice one
Glad it got you ready for your Friday, Luisa C!
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I think I have found my new fave teacher! Thank you for this class, it was a nice blend of attainable though challenging movements. Cues were very helpful. 
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Love the pace of your classes, Gia.  You are so clear and concise in your description and execution.  Makes it easy to replicate your movements. Thank you.
Thank you Gia! I loved this workout! I feel great!!
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Thanks , challenging but fun too
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Can we please have more of Gia's 30 minute classes Gia Calhoun 
Thank you all so much! Anahi B, I just filmed a few more classes like this and they should be on the site soon. I hope you enjoy them too!
Excellent short class cover a lot of bases!  I was sweating.
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