Mat Workout
Risa Sheppard
Class 661

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Everybody enjoyed the class, it wasn't easy. Where can we buy the Sheppard Pole, we are great admirers of Jack . May his soul rest in peace. thanks blanche.
Great class and challenging
I used my Pilates Gondola pole and I think I will use a theraband for a few of the movements in a bigger class that don't have poles. Thank You :)
Liked working with the Sheppard Pole- made the exercises fun. Adding this class to my playlist.
I loved the pole class! It is challenging and very creative. Clients love the "sheppard walk" !
c1 Thank you all for your feedback! CJ, you can order to Sheppard Pole on our website,
Let me know how you are doing with it!
great class- - I love the continuity- and how you have incorporated reformer elements in the mat work- What are the pulses for at the end of the roll ups? Does this strengthen the ligaments in a healthy spine?
Thank you Phoebe. The pulses are simply to keep rhythm and stretch the hamstrings and lower back .Pilates liked to think of rhythm in his movements.
One cannot strengthen
the ligaments, but we can and must strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine.Pulses as well as static stretch, does that. Hope that answers your question! Thanks!
much respect and admiration to all the years of dedication to movement and health!! Down to earth approach refreshing . Thank you for your light heart and welcoming manner!! Kim
Thank you Kim!
love this class... especially the partner-assited stretches....I know how good those feel! Thank you!
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