Used Pilates Equipment For Sale and Needed

Please list Pilates equipment that you wish to sell or buy. Please do not list items that have nothing to do with Pilates.
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What a great idea John!
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I want a Spine Corrector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buy one if the price is reasonable and shipping not too bad.. I live in Mississippi.
I have two stott rack and roll refomers for sale in Arlington, VA. Great condition, replaced springs 3 months ago, nothing wrong with them. Includes jump board and long/short box for $2200 each. Getting rid of them because we upgraded to units with towers.
nadya, not sure what a rack and roll reformer is...just more portable (like the BB allegro?)
Yes, it is similar to a BB allegro. That was my first reformer. It has two wheels on the footbar end and the footbar folds flat so it can be stored upright on end or it can slide under a bed. It can also stack on another rack and roll. Lowered to $1900. Feel free to call if you have questions. 703.963.9136 THX
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Peak reformer with leather straps new srpings for sale New Jersey
asking $2250
email me for pictures
Looking for a reformer and cadillac in western MA (NY state border) I'm most familiar with Stott equipment. Thanks.
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Anyone out here near the LA/Santa Barbara area looking for an EXO Chair with Slastix Spings package. It's about 18 months old and in great condition. I've got one for sale, $700. Let me'd need to come pick it up. Call CenterPoint Pilates at 805-560-6992 if interested and ask for Amy.
Amy do you not like the EXO? i am deciding which chair to buy
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