Used Pilates Equipment For Sale and Needed

Can anyone comment on the BB. Legacy Reformer vs. the BB Studio Reformer?
Joyce, i have a BB studio reformer and love it
I am looking to purchase a used caddy/reformer combo unit as well as a ladder barrel.
Hi, I'm new to the forum and happy to explore what's happening. I closed my private studio and have a Gratz Reformer available for sale. It's tan in excellent condition and can send pictures if requested via email ( or phone (201-805-1114). My asking price is $3750. Let me know if you or someone you know is interested (I'll pay you 10% commission on referral/sale). I'm in Bergen County, NJ. Thank you.
Hi Shannon,

Is the Balanced Body Allegro Reformer that was posted for sale 6 mths. ago still available (fingers crossed)? Thanks.
I'm looking for a ladder barrel if anyone is getting rid of one please contact me. I'm in the Washington DC area and can pick it up. Thanks
I'm interested in purchasing a used Balanced Body Allegro 14" Reformer in the Charlotte, NC area. Will p/u from surrounding area, 2 hr. maximum radius. If you've got one in good to great condition, please e-mail me @

Member Shannon Tessier, if posted 7 mos. ago BB reformer w/ accessories still available, please contact me.

I'm looking for a ladder barrel, in WA, possibly could even pick up down to Portland OR. Thanks! My email is
Total Pilates Studio in Tulsa, OK is looking for a reformer/tower combo. Please contact
Hi everyone :)

I am selling TWO (2) SPX Group Reformers with Tower (Stott)
- $2800 ech

and 1 SPX Group Reformer (no tower but has receivers so it can be converted). $1800

All 3 are in excellent condition. Each come with extension straps, padded platform extender, maple pole, mat converter & box.

Email me ashley.mulin{at} if you're interested!

Thank you :)
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