Reformer Workout
Lisa Hubbard
Class 1036

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Liked the use of the arc. thank you.
Thanks Sandra! The arc really gets the body working :)
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This is a fabulous class! I don't have a reformer but I hacked it with a springboard and it was fun and challenging.
Adriana, I love your determination and creativity! Very happy you enjoyed the class and thanks for
your comments­čśŐ
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Thanks Lisa, this class was amazing! I really felt the footwork in a different way, and really engaged the abs! I also liked being able to look at my feet and see my alignment, especially on calf stretch. I too, realized I push with my feet on thigh work in straps, so really felt that in the right way this time! Would love to see more work on the arc on the reformer, it really works you in a different way. Thanks for the superb cueing and I have put this one in my weekly queue!
Hi Lori, What fabulous feedback, thank you! I am grateful that you got a few nuggets from this class and have included it in your weekly queue!
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Thank you. I love how you gave us an alternative if we didn't have the apparatus you were using. That would be helpful on all Pilates anytime classes. :)
Heather Appreciated Heather, thank you! I know PA always listens to their members
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another beautiful class by a beautiful teacher. thank you
Carol-Ann the kindest feedback. Thank you for taking class with me, I am happy you enjoyed it!
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