Mat Workout
Tom McCook
Class 1084

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Excellent Class. Calming and strengthening the core for such peace and power! thank you!
Loved the flow and energy. Liked how it wasn't too wordy.
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Excellent class. More from Tom please :)
I absolutely loved his class it had a lovely flow and a few lovely surprises :), cant wait to teach them to my own pupils Thanks for your inspiration!
Lovely class. Thoroughly enjoyed it. You have a very encouraging teaching style.
Loved the variations on the classic book opening exercise and the single arm twist on all 4's! Thankyou very much :)
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Thank you Tom this is a lovely workout and so balanced your cueing is just so simple and really feels right in the body ..More please
Wonderful class! I received great feedback from my body in the thoracic mobility movements! Definitely an exercise I will add to my routine to improve muscle balance. Loved the flow between movements and cueing. Thank you for this class! Adding it to my favorites list!
Really loved this, great cueing and interesting variations on the basics. More Tom McCook please!
Absolutely brilliant therapeutic exercises for an immobile thoracic spine. Pain relieved and mobility restored. Thank you! The rest of the workout is also very thoughtful. Pay attention to the effective cues and you will get an intense workout.
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