Reformer Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 1134

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Claudia, thank you for liking!
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Great workout! Very helpful having the vertical as well as the horizontal point of view.
Thank you Karen, it's nice to have 2 views!
Thanks, Nagi. You cues are so clear!
Thank you Lauren, I try to be clear so people can concentrate on their movements:)
Thank you for this class, Nagi, I hope to see you more on P.A.! Your verbal cueing is wonderful, exact, and very well explained.
Judy, I did not realize this message until now.
I'm happy especially when you said that my verbal cueing is good, since English is not my mother tongue.
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Feel good stretchy workout. Wish there would have been some arm work added but i added it in. Thanks :)
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Has no one really commented in three years?! It doesn't do this workout justice! Nagi, your workouts are truly therapeutic for me, and those well-known movements felt so much more wonderful to me after your thoracic-focused Reformer workout. Great stuff!
Julia R Thanks for the new comment in three years lol 
Well it IS an old video and there are so many out there which is wonderful, especially at this time!  I hope your teacher training is going well too.
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