Standing Mat/Barre Workout
Jillian Hessel
Class 1171

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I really enjoyed this class and would like to incorporate into my classes for some fun variations - is it okay to do so?
fabulous. I loved that. so different
great class, very well explained, loved it!
I loved this! I feel elongated, stretched, aligned, graceful and strong. Thank you!
Loved the class! Not what I imagined from the title but certainly worth doing. Makes lots of ideas spring into my head for the different bodies and age groups we have in class. I thought the participants were great sports and would sign them up myself for the Dance of the Little Swans. The bourrees at the end were priceless - what a great way to teach the step in a ballet class. Thank you
Lots of fun!!! I'm sure I'll be aching tomorrow. Thank you !!
I loved the breakdown of movements and foot work in this class! It really helps my neuropathy and pain! Great instruction, sequencing and pace for me as a beginner.
I enjoyed the new ideas for the ring. I suggest varying the grip and pressure on the ring during the different routines, pulling open engages different muscles (instead of only pressing inward the whole class long). I always love learning new cuing from excellent experienced instructors!
Thanks so much for your positive input. Interesting historical fact: Magic circles used to be MUCH HEAVIER, had heavy wooden handles, and 3-4 winds of metal strapping. No inside handles, so pushing out with legs was possible with extra padding placed inside circle, but was difficult with arms. The new lighter weight circles are versatile in many ways, & I love your idea to push out from inside!
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