Mat Workout
Brett Howard
Class 1180

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It's nice but a bit tooooo slow for me. I got really bored and switched to a different video half way.
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Brett is amazing--there is no one better :)
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I love how you call the students out. You are hilarous!
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Feels like I'm back at Pilates Haus. Brett - you're the best!
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Superb workout and cueing. Loved the allowable cheats. Lots of fun too! Thanks so much!
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Such a great. challenging class!! Also - love the 'African dance' quip - perfect!! I've seen too many African dances in my years of teaching - I was almost doing it myself in the last 5 minutes! Thanks! Jo
LOVE this class!! So many great variations and visualizations from him!
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I Love this man and this class!
My new favorite video to watch and practice before teaching. AWESOME.
I loved this whole workout, especially the side kick series. Compliments of Tracey Mallet's booty barre, I have a lot of lower body strength and tend to find many mat routines don't offer enough challenge but this 1 was perfect! !!
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