Powerhouse Mat
Brett Howard
Class 1180

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This is the best mat class I've done. I wish they were all this good. Challenging, well taught, I need more from him.
Wonderful! Love his style.
It's just not fair Brett that you make us laugh in class too... like it wasn't hard enough on the deep abdominals ;D I love it! Always such a treat to take classes with you.. learning every time! :) Thanks for being such an inspiring teacher and genuine person
Super FUN class!
Brett you are simply AMAZING!! Thank you!!
Thanks for a beautifully orchestrated class!!
One of my favorites!! Love how the students are not perfect, either!!!! Love Brett! Get busy right away, but fun!
Fantastic workout! Love Brett.
Brett, you are one of my favorites for a challenging mat and circle workout- more please! Your perfectionism and humor go so well together!
I can not get bored to watch this class over and over! I love it! Every time I see it I learn or chatch some new detail or cue! Brett PLEASE we need more of your classes!
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