Fletcher Towel Work®
Kyria Sabin
Class 1192

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Thank you Kyria! You re-inspired me to pick up my towel!! :)
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Hi Kyria, i just did this class with you, feel great . thank you! Nice to have more and more Fletcher work on Pilatesanytime.
Another great towel class from you this week. My shoulders feel amazing!! Thank you!! Love the towel:)
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Thank you for this...love the flow. The world needs this one...release & open those shoulders! Thank you to PA for such variety...makes me better! Xoxo
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This was my first Towel Class & I loved it. Feeling great! Thank you.
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Thanks a lot, Kyria!
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Great class. Loved the upper body work.
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Lovely shoulder, and spinal rotation work - Thanks!
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Wonderful work Kyria. The towel work is one of my favorites!
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I enjoy so much Fletcher's Pilates. It's a wonderful work for "computer shoulders". Thank you so much.
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