Reformer Workout
Mariska Breland
Class 1193

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Wow Mariska, I'm sure Julian is smiling down on you! Very enjoyable class in a "brutal" kind of way. Jenn and Kristi you look amazing as always...not a "jiggly bit" to be seen. :)
The music kept pulling my focus away from your instruction that I did not enjoy what you were doing! Pilates with Charleston music playing does not fit!
I don't like to post negative comments, but I have to agree with Paula, I found the music very distracting, it was at a level that was neither background, nor rhythmically complimentary to the movements of the class.
No jiggly bits here! And, thank you Kerry - I certainly hope he is. For those who are wondering about the music - I mostly teach privates sans music and group classes with music. I debated whether to use it here because it was a more private vibe than group class. In group classes, it's usually more "choreographed."
Is Julian no longer with us:( Please tell me that's not true.
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Even better the 2nd time! Great class Mariska! Thank you!
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news Pamela. Julian passed away on Saturday Aug 31. I'm personally still feeling Julian's presence profoundly, but in fact, his long battle with Cancer has come to an end and his presence in all of our lives will not be in the flesh anymore. There will be a celebration of Julian's life on Sunday 9/22/13 at his Studio in Del Mar at 3pm. He was our friend, he will always be our teacher.
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Loved the class! I found the music a little distracting.
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love this class and in light of Julian passing away,I think this is such a great way to honour him and all that he brought to the world of pilates. Thanks Kristi for having this shown at this time.I am sure Julian is soaring like an eagle now.
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Didn't care for the music either. I think music can be used successfully in a class if it is an up tempo class where the instructor stays on the beats of the music . Think Tracy Mallet or Michael King.It worked for some parts of this class but for others where the pace got altered it ended up more of a distraction.

Some of the instructions weren't very clear and it would also be helpful to keep us even on both sides. I get that instructors forget and count arbitrarily but one of the reasons why we do pilates is for body balance and not to be more uneven.

I love the Littleford style. Very dynamic and seamless in many ways. Love Julian's classes and Melissa's classes on the site. Those are ones I return to over and over again.

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