Toe Gizmo
Rachel Taylor Segel
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Thanks so much for sharing Rachel. Great explanation and details. Progress in the feet and toes may seem slow at first, but when you see and feel new function, it is so rewarding. I felt my low back release:) Looking forward to sharing this with people with bunions, crowding toes etc.
Thanks so much for doing this special feature Rachel! I have a question about the person you mentioned in the video, that had terrible bunions, and was able to avoid surgery. Do you know for how long she did it 2x/day? I'm sure it took time, but I'm curious and would like to cite this to my client. I have a client whose doc says she really needs to have surgery soon - that's how bad her bunions are, plus she's got other related gait issues that are causing her foot pain. My client wants to avoid the surgery for as long as she can. I know she'll ultimately have to decide with her doc; but I plan to encourage her to give this a go as much as possible first. Also, is there ever any situation where you would say that you would avoid or not recommend this work? What if a person has a pin in their toe for instance? Thanks so much!
I am doing this every day in January 2017. to correct bunions and see if it helps a possible neuroma... I'll let you know!
This was awesome...Rachel could you show us more excercises with this piece of equipment please? Thank you.
great idea and support! thank you!!
My friends, it’s been years since I did this tutorial and it makes me so happy PA puts it up periodically! I keep a Toe gizmo by my bed and do some everyday, still(-:
I'd love to see the other exercises, great video thank you
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