Creative Spine Corrector<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1276

Creative Spine Corrector
Kristi Cooper
Class 1276

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Erika Quest
Awesome, Kristi! The use of the dowel will be a fantastic addition to create a point of cueing. I can definitely see how your research and resources are very much JOYFUL! You were amazing, anyway. Now you're, priceless. xo.
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Kristi, thank you for this offering. I have bee waiting a loooooong time for spine corrector class with you. It has been worth the wait.
Thanks Erika and Wendy ~ I'm glad you liked it and really appreciate the feedback!
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GREAT CUES!! Love hte seated work and the hip/foot cues..Really centering work. Love this.
Thank you Ellen!
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AMAZING!!!!! Thank you!!!
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Como siempre son muy lindas las clases de Kristi, serĂ­a muy bueno poder tener subtituladas las clases de ella. Me encantan!!!!!
Thank You Kristi!! I have only just bought a spine corrector and used it for the first time in this fantastic class of yours! Wow it felt really amazing!! Thank you so much!! Awesome cues and love the way you teach! :)
Oh that is wonderful Luci! I hope you enjoy our other spine corrector classes too.
I stumbled upon this fabulous workout today at home with my spine corrector. It was wonderful and unique - I can't wait to use with my tight-shouldered male clients tomorrow. The pole added a nice element!
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