Wunda Chair Workout
Amy Taylor Alpers
Class 1299

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I loved that this class played to my current obsession on the chair, tensegrity. Those simultaneous push and pull cues really help you to feel lifted in all that hard work rather than muscling through it. Thanks Amy!
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Amazing class! Loved the bird on a perch feet on the last exercise! That cue really helped me ground my shins
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Really loved this class! You are a phenomenal instructor. Very precise cues and imagery. Thank you!!
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Iwas looking for a chair workout for a private client tomorrow and this is it! Thank you
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Loved this class. When I lived in Denver, I used to like to go to a chair class at Cara Reeser's studio. I was always surprised how relaxed they made me feel. This class made me feel the same way. Thank you Amy!
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That was amazing work! Thank you Amy
Ahhh, just felt the need to sigh... Amy, such a fun class, thank you! Come back to Israel, you are missed!!
thank you thank you....the chair is my frenemy....this will help it be more of a FRIEND! rockon p.s. great cueing on spring-age...very appreciated.
Awesome cueing Amy-everything made so much sense-I loved it
Wonderful. More chair videos please. LOVE your cues!
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