Mat Workout
Brent Anderson
Class 1577

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Thank you for a wonderful class! Loved the breath work and great stretch across the back and shoulders. your classes, thanks a lot
Brilliant! Love this work!
I watched yesterday, watched 2 more times, and then used several of the moves in my class this morning! Got some great feedback from the ladies! The moves seemed to be more fluid, and with less effort! Even on my part! LOVED IT!
I love Brent Anderson !! Thank you once again Pilates Anytime !!!
I am flattered. Glad you love the class. Your feedback is very helpful to me.
Ginger, Glad that you were able to apply to your clients.
Thank you Brent! So many marvelous moments in this class! Your preps and breathing cues gave me perhaps my best rolling like a ball experience ever!
Probably the best rollup I've ever done. And great humour. Loved it.
Great class, used the breathing cues in my class, they loved it.
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