Mat Workout
Brent Anderson
Class 1577

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Thank you so much Brent. Your work has helped me to open up so much in my teaching as my own body feels so much more open and vital following your sessions. I am so looking forward to coming to London from Scotland, to your November workshop.
Thank you, that class really mobilised my tight thoracic like never before. And I look forward to a bit of 'red light, green light' fun with my matwork classes.
Great class really released my back after heavy gardening session. Thankyou
Clear cues, at a tempo timed to our natural breath rhythm. I feel accomplished and confident. Thank you, Brent
Thank you Brent! your classes.You help me become better pilates instructor ;)
Martina, I completely agree! I'm doing another class this morning,. I have viewed several more times, and using his cues again today!
Your classes, the way you explain in detail every single movement and how to feel it is unique Brent . But mostly the passion you put into it make it all. I met you a while ago in Newport beach while I was still living in SD . I loved your teaching since and still do now.. thanks for all your insight and beautiful explanation on how the bay moves and yes, the BREATH !! I teach Yoga and the emphasis you give to the great resonates so much with my teaching. Once more thanks ! Hope to meet you again sometime in the near future .. Maybe in Italy ???
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Wonderful class .As-pilates teacher I don't often do a full class on Pilates Anytime .I tend to browse .I did the whole of this one and my body felt so different afterwards.Thanyou .Pilates Anytime is a fantastic resource.
You're welcome Judith
You are my "Go To" guy, Brent! Fab class. Much gratitude!
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