Reformer Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 1619

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Love all your classes but this one was a home run! Everything burns and I love it!
I have been trolling older classes and I have been so pleased to re-discover the pleasure of a great, solid class! Thank you Courtney Miller!
I liked this class.  The instruction is clear and it's nicely paced.  The only part I needed to modify was at 32 mins when she stands inside the reformer.  I prefer standing one leg on the floor outside with the foot against headrest.  Same exercise, but to me a lot more straight forward and no need to worry about springs and bars.  
This workout is awesome! Courtney I love everything that you do!! It's been a long time since this was posted but I find it perfect now. Great variations and super focused on the legs. Can't wait to try it with my clients.❤️
Such an amazing workout. Definitely can be a weekly go-to class. 
Loved the new ideas with the box. I, however, could not do the pull back with feet in straps kneeling on long box need help .
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