Exploring Range of Motion
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 1628

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Love this CLASS Sarah! Beautiful variations, Thank you so much,very inspiring
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Good class, good flow and instructions. Just would have liked to have seen the back leg on the last sitting stretch.
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Great pace for me today. Thank you!
Thanks for all your feedback. It is pretty spectacular to stay connected to so many wonderful people with Pilates Anytime!! Much gratitude:)

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Really enjoyed this well-cued clear class. Was afraid to do the last two, especially without a spotter. leo could not see how her back leg was positioned so I think I might have missed what was happening there. Overall, great class.
wonderful variety modification exercise!

thank you..Sarah Bertucelli
So glad you enjoyed the class!
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The single stomach massage was just awesome! Thank you Sarah for yet another amazing class!
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Wonderful class, Sarah! You're such a great teacher.
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Fun class! Thanks! The single leg / abs footwork was a great twist (literally!)
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