Mat/Barre Fusion Workout
Cecile Bankston
Class 1686

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As an ex professional ballet dancer, I really love Cecile's class. She has fabulous energy, wonderful, clear cueing and demonstrates so beautifully!! I feel that I have learned lots of new exercises for my dancer clients. Thank you Cecile!!

Sincerely, Rachel Parker
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My name is Erica and I teach Pilates on the mat in The Netherlands, for 9 years now. I use Pilates Anytime since six months as inspiration for my classes. I watch the instructors teach and I learn a lot to use in my own lessons. Today, for the first time I actually participated in a class: in your class! I really enjoyed it, it was playful and surprising! Thank you!
PS really liked the Shoulderbridge/roll over/Teaser combo...
Thank you all, I love these mat barre classes, as an ex dancer, they feel so good to me, but I think they are fun for everyone! glad you liked them!
I'm glad to see you back Cecile. Thanks for another great class!
Lots of fun while working hard! Thanks so much. Got many good ideas for my Barre class also!
Such a great class Cecile, so happy to see you back!! Love all the nasty similarities between dancer instructors. ;)
Hi Cecile,
You are a legend in town. I heard you are in south FL. Is this accurate or Lab school rumour?
well I am glad i am a legend! Yes I am in Florida I live on 30 A right past san Destin. I co own a two studios here Pilates by the Sea and Pilates By the Sea in the San Destin health club. I am in and out of Baton Rouge all the time though!
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That really did the trick. Love these mat/barre classes taught by you Cecile. Hope you can come back soon!
Great class, Cecile. My ballet students love their floor barre so this will be a welcome addition
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