Reformer Workout
Connie Borho
Class 1695

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Ahhhhh! Thanks for the great workout all the way from Colorado Connie!!! I need to make it out to your studio for continuing ed soon!
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I would also appreciate more Peak videos (in particular a Level 3 Reformer and a Level 3 Mat), very clear and concise.
Heather ~ Connie will be back this month to teach a few more classes and Clare Dunphy's first class will be on the site this weekend. I hope you enjoy their classes!
I never get tired of this class. I have done it a few times and I learn something new everytime. Hope to see Connie back on PA very soon
Hi Paola! Thank you so much! I'm glad you are still enjoying the first reformer class I taught on Pilates Anytime! I now have another reformer class available, a Level 3, combined with a little bit of Tower work. Hope you enjoy!
Hi Heather! I'm so glad you enjoyed the first reformer class I taught on Pilates Anytime! I now have another class available, a Level 3, and a bit of Tower at the end. I hope you enjoy this one as well!
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Great! Really loved your cueing
I was traied through Peak so this was right up my alley. This class helped me deepen the work I know and love. Connie knows her stuff!
Hi there Krista! Thanks for your lovely comment on PilatesAnytime. I really appreciate you taking the time...and am very glad you enjoyed my class! Keep scooping!
This is really amazing!! Perfect!! I love this!! Thanks so much, Connie... More please...
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