Cadillac Workout
Erika Quest
Class 1698

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Hi Erika,

What an awesome class! I especially loved all the arm work with the blue springs on the sliding cross bar.
Awwww, thanks Rene! I appreciate it. Being my first Trapeze I was hoping it would be fun for all to watch!
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Erica, this is an excellent class for my athletic clients !! Great cueing.
Hi, Ellen! Thank you so MUCH. I appreciate you watching and I hope all is going well with you. xo
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Great class Erika! I can't wait to try all of these exercises! Your cueing and setup explanations are very good
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Hey, Tianna! Thanks so much for watching. It was wild to have this class post while I was traveling to teach in Italy. One of the amazing things about Pilates Anytime, right? I hope you're doing just great and hope to see you soon! xo Erika
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Great class! Suspension work is very challenging and Portia makes it look so easy! I can't wait to try this class again!
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Awesome class! Excellent cueing. it really challenged my deep abs . Thank you!
Annie and Olga! Thank you for watching and your comments are SPOT ON! Much love, Erika
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What a fabulous class! So many great challenges to work towards. It is so wonderful to receive such excellent direction with superb execution. My favourite class. Thank you
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