Cadillac Workout
Erika Quest
Class 1698

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You two did it again!!! I have not seen this before and now that I have my own Trapeze at home : ) I can!! I love love love this. I am def. going to have to practice this more. My muscles are going to shake the rest of the day!!1 The Quadraped work was fabulous nothing to not like about this vid.!!!
YAY, Judy! Congrats on the new trapeze at home. This was so fun to design and teach as it was my first trap class on PA. Hope to see you soon and all my best!
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Thank you so much Erika. You are a great teacher in so many ways and the class was an inspiration for me.
Oh thank you so much, Christine Such a kind and lovely comment! I'll be back to film more this summer, so can't wait to take more classes with you. Much love, Erika
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Loved this!! However- The leg springs suspended roll up got me. I’ve gotta admit this was the first move that I have failed completely. I cannot seem to activate the back line and get into the deep core to roll up. No cheating with hip flexor taking over..... very interesting, need to work on this more! Any feedback appreciated.
Love your work. Mahalo!!
YEAH Mel W this is a fun one. It has been awhile since I've watched or done this session, so I'm thrilled with your comment. Truth be told, that suspended leg spring roll up is a doozie. My only advice is to use it as a way to try and negotiate prepping yourself for a teaser (meaning those hip flexors being involved) and go from there. Much love! Erika
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Really interesting hovering arm work! Never felt my arms work like that! 
Hey Elizabeth I'm so stoked for your comment. Yes, this session has some fun and unique ways to use the trapeze springs, so I'm glad you explored and enjoyed! Much love, Erika
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