A Movement of Movement
Mark Pedri
Workshop 1723

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Hi Loretta,
I'm you haven't heard from anyone yet. I'll send you a direct email with more information!
LOVE this film; the history, the message, and the sharing of it!
What an inspiration! Words cannot express how grateful I am for the Pilates movement and this movie to help show what it's truly all about. Just simply life changing. Thanks to all those involved and to PA for distributing it.
Watch this documentary to finish the celebration of this 2016 PilatesDay, is great! To be a Pilates Instructor, to be part of this community, to have the same passion and enthusiasm of all of you, is great! The possibility with Pilates to help people to have a better life , or to "return to life through Contrology" is great! Thanks! Grazie Mille!
Hi, dear Pilates Anytime Team! I would like to watch this video, can you tell me, how I can get the permission? Thank you so much! Greetings from Austria 🇦🇹! www.lifetimepilates.at All the best Eva
Eva Maria ~ You can purchase this video by clicking the Buy Now button above the video and then following the prompt to enter your payment information. Once you purchase it, you will always have access to it, even if you cancel your account. I hope you enjoy it!
Purchased the DVD few years ago and still coming back into it on my lowest days. Its worth watch it. Love it!
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