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Ron Fletcher
Class 1747

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That was interesting, but most of all challenging. Also I really like it when we are reminded to BREATHE! It never gets old and it prevents me from forming bad or lazy habits. Thank you for this as my exposure to Ron Fletcher has been very minimal.
p.s. I pushed "like" but it didn't hold. [?]
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I was just delighted the entire workout and while I was being delighted (as if that wasn't enough of a treat) I just wanted to get up and dance with Ron Fletcher!!! badadabadada.. with all the different methods being taught today it is wonderful to see so much has remained of the essence of Joe Pilates original work. I have truly loved the Legacy Project and I still have so many to work through. Thanks PA :)
Thank you for sharing this Kathy!
Thank you Kathy!
Thank you for sharing. Such a gift to see this !
What a gem! Thank you!
Thank you for this. I was only able to attend his very last workshop so this is a gift to e able to leanr from see and hear Ron. All those who were privledged to train with him are blessed.
So fabulous!! I wish I could have met him!! Thank Kathy for sharing and demonstrating.
Thanks for this video , nice to see Ron dancing while teaching !!
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