Mat Workout
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1895

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Thank you, Rael,
nice sunday from Slovakia!
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Thank you very much, Rael.
I would appreciate very much to have this class translated into Spanish, because I don't understand all the things you say,and think that they are very usefull.
Greetings from Spain!!!????
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What a workout. Thank you so much
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Thank you Rael!

Radiating sunshine from my limbs in Idaho. Feeling powerful and centered.
I appreciate from the bottom of my heart the warm words in all your comments. To radiate sunshine from your limbs - wow, that feels good! I am sorry (and embarrassed) my Spanish is very limited, otherwise I would offer to translate. But I love Espania!
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Great Monday morning wakeup. Thanks from windy Cape Town.
Thank you Rael from Japan!
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Thank you Rael here from Jamaica, I love your style of Pilates, I have been doing just that for years now and so appreciate the different work, and ideas, one love!
WE are ONE - South Africa, Japan, Jamaica, USA, Spain, Slovakia - I get chills when I think of people around the globe united by this class and united by Pilates. Thank you all! (Leonard, I hope my friends in South Africa are out windsurfing or kiteboarding if the wind is up)
THANKS from Germany! I love your mat class! Only one hour and i felt all muscles in my body!
Nice Start into this autumn week! Take care!
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