Mat Workout
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1895

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Thankyou from Australia on a warm spring day.
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and again, a beautiful creative pationate lesson. thank you very much from jerusalem
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thank you so much from Italy, Rael! i'm looking forward meeting you in your studio next december
We just added Australia, Italy and Israel to our global family, Incredible! I am so honored, truly.
Wow! that was intense and beautiful.
I completed BASI matwork course couple weeks ago with Jordanna and Shayne in Brisbane, Australia. This is perfect for my practise. Thanks so much Rael x
And I took my CTC here in France with Miriam and Sarah ! Lovely powerful class, Rael, i feel i could move mountains now ;) Hope to see you some time in Paris...? Following your classes on PA is fabulous, but seeing you for real would be even more special !!
And from Hungary i loved it thank you so much
Love him! Love him! Love him!!!! So inspiring!!! I just have to meet him!!! Loved this class!
I love you, Rael! Thank you for this lovely class!
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. More please/
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