Tower Workout
Jenna Zaffino
Class 1931

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Jenna, That was a fantastic class!! The flow and your cues come in an effortless manor. Just lovely - I look forward to more of your classes :)
Ahhhh, love the articulation in this class! Thanks Jenna!
Jenna, i loved to practice with you , thanks !:)
Thank you Erin Jill and Corinne! I'm so glad you enjoyed class! Tower is one of my favorite places to teach a group equipment class and I love being able to play with lots of combinations of movement!
Love this class! Great cueing and wonderful flow! Thanks for sharing!
Wonderful workout Jenna. Congratulations on a great flowing Fletcher session!
Beautiful class! I did have trouble with the video freezing up,though.
(Edited by Moderator - Alex Parsons on April 1, 2022)
Julia ~ I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the class. I recommend switching to the alternate video player and then watching the videos in a lower quality setting to keep the videos from freezing. If you still have trouble after trying this, please email us at
Jenna reminds me of you Hilary Rogers!! love this video!
This was so fun, thank you.
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