Tower Workout
Jenna Zaffino
Class 1931

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I like the way this class flowed. So often I don't want to do tower classes because of all of the spring changes. This class was seamless. Who knew you could do so much on the push through bar with one blue spring?!?!
I'm so thrilled that you are all enjoying this class! I too have issues with all of the spring changes in a group class- it's A LOT of management and if I can simplify it and work a full body experience with minimal equipment changes, I'm gonna do it every time ;) thanks for all of the comments!!
Please do another class with push through bar! Was awesome!!!!!
Love this type of session....seamless transitions when not dealing with changing springs, etc ....gotta be so creative to keep it flowing! Thank you for that!
Such a great class, such a great teacher!
Thank you so much everyone! I'm working on a new cadillac session for my next visit. You're feedback has been fabulous - Thank you!
So enjoyed watching the class and the flow! Jenna your cues are brilliant! Smooth transitions and seemingly effortless teaching. Very impressive!
Loved this! Thank you Jenna
Can’t wait to teach this tomorrow
nice workout
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