Full-Body Strength<br>Ed Botha<br>Class 1965

Full-Body Strength
Ed Botha
Class 1965

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Good transitions taught in a slow and controlled manner.
Would be nice to see longer warm up. A few more back exercises required. A lot of exercises on the wrists.
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I really loved this class, it was just what I needed today! Thanks Ed :)
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Incredibly challenging yet perfect methodical pace.
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Thank you for your feedback!!
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For me this class is a perfect example of a perfectly structured and well taught class. It has everything a workout needs in order to make you feel toned, stretched and satisfied in the end. I really like your style of teaching, Ed, it is so clear, calm and precise.
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Awesome class Ed! Great core challenge with wonderful instruction and precision. Just what I was looking for to balance out all the surfing and yoga :) Thank you!!
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Thank you Sam. I hope you got some good waves!!!!!
Thank you Janja
Really wonderful class!
Can these classes be downloaded for offline watching?
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