Movement is Life
Brett Howard
Special 2003

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Recovering from an injury is difficult and can be unforgiving. Thank you for your inspiration reminding me that recovery is possible. Thank you Brett!
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Brett, you ARE one of the best movers, so graceful...looking forward to your workshops in Mönchengladbach ;)
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Exquisite! ! Truly inspirational
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Stunning example of the beauty, grace and strength of classical Pilates. Brett, you make it look simply effortless! Your love and appreciation of movement and the Pilates method is evident.
Thank you for sharing!
The beauty of your words and movement touch my soul.
That was so beautiful to watch. Very inspiring also! Thank you for giving me that inspiration as I heal from foot surgery and learn to move again!!!!
The ending!!! ??????????
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I was unable to walk following surgery and coma and was introduced to pilates for part of my rehab. I am now a pilates instructor and more than anything can relate to this clip ! thank you so much ...
So powerful and beautiful, your message and movement truly moved me.
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