Reformer Workout
Tash Barnard
Class 2051

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This is a good video for clients at this level due to the pace and involved instruction.
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I'd rate this as advanced beginner not 2/3
B ~ Thank you for your feedback. It can be difficult to choose a level because it is very subjective. After reviewing this class, we have decided to keep it at a Level 2/3 for safety reasons. A beginning or intermediate student may not have the control or stability to perform many of these exercises safely.
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Jacknife in my opinion is definitely 2/3 - In Stott Pilates it is taught at advanced level and called the "Overhead"
Miss you Tash!!!!
Thank you for a great class
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awesome cues & imagery.
Loved it! Pace was a little slow....great cueing:) Hope to see more! Thank you Tash
So Fun!
First, the single leg squats off the carriage series looks intense - can't wait to try those!

I do agree that the pace of the class is a bit slow if you're trying to follow along and join the workout at the same time. But, if you're simply observing the class, Tash gives plenty of on-point cues and imagery. I would love to take a private with Tash with all those juicy stretches!
Fun to watch Meredith in those beautiful back extensions.
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