Mat Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 2060

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who is this fabulous, energetic, sweet instructor!? I can't wait to watch her intro video now and check out her other classes. I have been away from PA all week but am really excited to take this class tomorrow. It lo
oks fantastic!!!
Killer workout, I couldn't keep up with the lunges... but that's a lifelong challenge.
Great work out and incredible enthusiasm and instruction!
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I tried it with weights, but I think weighted balls would work better. Great workout!!
a beautiful class!!!! loved it
I LOVED this workout. It is now one of my all time PA favorites. THANK YOU!!!! I love the FLOW "Let's Flow" and I just love the toning balls (I used 3 lbs. toning balls). Loved the instructor. Loved everything about this. THANK YOU! I look forward to taking more of Courtney's classes. One thing is that I think "kenesthia" would have been a better word than "proprioception" regarding knowing where the body is in space. That's my own little hang up though as I think proprioception is often a misused pilates term when really referring to kinesthesia. :) THANK YOU! I loved this class!!!!!!!!!!
Wow courtney dont know where you get your energy from ..Great class and words Thanks you
All I can say is wow! Hard in a good way!
So much fun. Great moves with the balls. Loved them. Thanks so much!
Great workout, very clear directions! Thank you!
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