Mat Workout
Brent Anderson
Class 2119

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Throughly enjoyed this class and loved the variations, especially the teaser prep and side twist snake combo. Thank you!
As always, an amazing class from Brent, what a teacher! and what a studio Polstar is!
Awesome, as always. Thank you, Brent!
Brilliant class. Next time, numbers in Spanish!! Thank you Brent !!!
Awesome as always ,like the variations as you rotate out fro all four to side kneeling plus the killer plank on forearm / plank / down dog combo ... great ,now I just got to put them into practice 🙃
I really enjoyed the eye training. I have never done that before, but it was great. 
inspiring class !!!! thank you Brent !  
Thanks again Brent for this brilliant class! 🙏
I enjoyed your explanation of how the spine relates to the entire body as we move! I felt like I became more self aware of balance and centering! Thanks for the visuals
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