Mat Workout
Amy Havens
Class 2167

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Thanks for this great workout! I enjoyed from the begining to the end. The detailed instructions were very useful.
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Thank you MBrigitta!
Great class. I loved it. Very helpful and fun. I felt very worked out and juicy without any flexion! Thanks.

Thank you Amy. A relief to my spine since a recent "roll over" stress. Pilates for ourselves and clients can include inovations, based on the fundamentals. The thoracic component gives freedom to breath.
Thank you Amy. That was a great class! I DO feel taller, stronger and ready to take on the day.
this felt so good.... to work my abs and not get all flexy. I have so many clients that are going to benefit from this. going to have to watch it over a few times though. however, leaving tomorrow for Italy so might not be for a few weeks. if you don't hear from me you know that's where I am! Your cues were so precise Amy! Love your classes! thank you!
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Thank you ALL and so glad you're seeing the many ways we can do our Pilates practice...without flexion. We do have choices! :)
Thank you Amy for such a wonderful class! I can really feel the energies and air flowing again, and it was nice to work my abs without any flexion. (Dealing with both osteoporosis & a little diastasis recti at the moment).
I'm feeling strong, centered and confident in my body again :) YAY!
Boring class!
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Natalia, I've learned that not every class will appeal to every person. Can you tell me why you thought it was so boring to you? This class was designed to give those with osteoporosis, bone loss or someone who can do rolling exercises an opportunity to do a Mat workout/program. If your'e used to doing classical/traditional exercises with rolling and articulation, yes, this class may not suit your tastes, but there are many people who need do look outside the box and to move safely and thoughtfully through a mat workout. That's who this class may be focussed on. I'd love to hear your thoughts on why it was boring to you.
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