Sculpting Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2173

Sculpting Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 2173

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Very helpful analogies and instruction as always..great precision. Your client was awesome...she seemed very "real" in her efforts which I can certainly appreciate.
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Thanks for your positive spirit!
Monica Wilson
Thank you so much for all of your feedback! Yvonne, wow! All caps. The workout must have been very frustrating for you to have that reaction and I am sorry it made you feel that way. When I was 23 years old my great aunt, Romana Kryzanowska, asked me to move out to New York to do an independent study with her. I was fit and very capable of executing any exercise she threw my way. Though it seemed easy to me, something inside of me said oh just wait! There is a reason why Romana dedicated over 50 years to teaching Joseph Pilates Discipline, The Art of Contrology. That was in 1997 and everyday a different cue, image or analogy opens my eyes to the genius work Joseph Pilates created and enables me to reach new heights with my body.
Monica Wilson
I hope to give you these cues and images. I wish to carry on my aunt's legacy, offering new pearls of wisdom to take on a work that is perfect in itself. It is about the quality, precision and art of movement challenging us everyday to reach new heights of control, sculpting our beautiful bodies from the inside out.
Great cues about the spine! I found myself correcting my posture the rest of the day in that subtle way that makes all the difference! Thank you for the great workout.
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I enjoyed this class very much. You give excellent cues. And your student's enthusiasm and personality added an element missing in online classes. I believe she is a teacher-in-training. I think she was in another video. Keep up the great work!
Monica, first of all, I LOVE YOU and I felt like I was back at home at Drago's. :) Thank you for the great homecoming workout! And secondly, I wasn't feeling well before I started, and with your wonderful cues, I was reminded of how important the backs of the legs are ... and with each exercise, I felt how much energy and power was coming from my back body and know for a fact that it contributed to what felt like a very old, but new way of integrating my movement in the moment more fully. With each exercise, I really and truly felt myself returning to life. And now I feel GREAT! I am hugging you virtually right now. You are beautiful inside and out and I appreciate you! XOXO
Wonderful class.. Thank you. This is the first Level 2/3 class I've done, and it is a perfect class to transition from your Level 2 classes, most of which I've done several times. Your classes are always amazing and work well for someone who can't visit a Pilates Studio. I wish I could take your classes in person, but can't since I live overseas..
Kinney F
Thanks, Monica! Whipped this one out before teaching this morning. Just what I needed. Feel terrific.
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