Short & Sweet Ladder Barrel
Jillian Hessel
Class 2180

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Fantastic! I love the 'Flower Bud'. Thank you!
Beautiful movement and lines, Jillian! Not like I'd forgotten from being in your mat class...:)
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Well, necessity is the mother of invention. Here's my ladder barrel of sorts!
Wow, I just love that everyone is liking the Ladder Barrel. Many thanks for your kind and appreciative comments
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So ready to try this both on myself and a couple of clients! That finally swan looks so yummy! That was great - beautifully done and well presented.
Such a nice and clear class! Love it
Beautiful always. xo
Thank you for this amazing session, can't wait to reach on studio and do all this... Perfect coaching and queuing doing excursion...
love it...
I Love your cueing! Nice flow to this ladder workout ( ;
Thank you Jillian! Beautiful precision!
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