Ladder Barrel Workout
Jillian Hessel
Class 2180

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Very nice controlled movements on the ladder barrel. Don't know why I never thought to use the ladder side as a ballet bar. Thanks
Awesome ladder barrel session. Thank you so much.
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Leah ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble logging out. If you hover your mouse over My Account, the logout link should be at the bottom. Please email us at if you continue to have trouble.
Really, really beautiful!! Thank you Jillian!!
Thank you Jillian. A very elegant use of the barrel. Yes I agree with others that the barrel is sometimes the elephant in the room. Not tonight! I have a private client who is going to love this!!
How creative you are Jillian, good work!
Like the stretches and the work!
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A beautiful workout and lovely swan on the ladder barrel. Do you have any secrets on how to keep one's upper back more flexible as one ages?
HI Karin, and thanks for the question. Actually, I do the workout I showed on the Ladder Barrel myself, to keep my back flexible and strong from extension into hyper-extension. For an older client, I have the client stand on the standing platform or on the floor, rather than balancing on the rung of the ladder to do the back extensions, so that they are not horizontal to the floor. Changing the foot position to the floor makes is less difficult. I also love Lolita San Miguel's prone version of Breathing 100's for older populations.
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