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Jean-Claude West
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Thank you PA and Kristi - I have enjoyed this wonderful interview so much. The journey that Jean Claude is on should inspire us all. The discussion reveals his studied, thoughtful and practical approach to working with movement. Fab!
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Thank you Kristi for having this conversation with the amazing Jean Claude West. I looked in my files and found the hand outs and notes from the two workshops I took with him and Anna back in 1999, (Pelvis & Lumbar Spine), and 2003, (Shoulder Girdle). Nothing like taking a course that was way over my head to get me to think more deeply, ask more questions and to help develop my own work with clients as a Pilates practitioner for 22 years. Also, I loved hearing about Christine Wright. I took ballet from her while living in NYC in the 80's. Her teaching stands out in my mind for its clarity and intelligence. (Was she in the background of one of the archival videos of Jean Claude's NYC studio?) Anyway, I look forward to more videos on this site and making my way up to Marin someday soon!
Thank you Deborah, Caroline and Louise. I'm humbled regularly to learn that people who understand, know, or learned from Jean Claude and those he works with (Christine Wright) are here with us on the site and/or have an appreciation of all that he has offered the Pilates community both then and now. Thank you for your feedback!
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