Mat Workout
Rael Isacowitz
Class 2281

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Pilates at it's beautiful best is right! I've taught Pilates for 15 years and it's a joy to see a class taught with such precision and control. I'll never get tired of teaching and practising Pilates...inspirational!
Such a pleasure being included. I've reset some goals. Thank you Rael. Have a wonderful remaining year!
I love the fundamentals! I agree with Diane, simplicity and intensity! I always feel so centered and if my mind and body really have connected after doing your classes! thank you so much Rael!
A GREAT class a true master and I loved your philospophy of beautiful shapes and your relaxed approach x a masterful class
I've been trying to get back to regular 'visits' to pilates anytime. This class was my second in two days. The first, of course, was the 35 minute Rael mat class. Instead of having to talk myself into getting back in the swing, I looked forward to trying this class all day. Two workout days in a row! Thank you.
A most precise, strong, flowing yummy class! Thank you Rael--so grateful for your teaching!
I experienced a quiet explosion in my body. wow!
He introduced a series of classical pilates movements which could be a bit boring and monotonous but he made it incredibly well with his own way. one of my best and favorite ever!
Beautiful class, right what I needed today, thank you
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Just beautiful. I totally lost track of time during this class, Rael--it feels so incredible to get lost in these movements. Thank you!
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